Pick the Right Rose for Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

Are you confused (like thousands of others) about the color of the roses that you will gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day? The color of the rose says a lot about what you think of the person you love and that is why you need to be extra careful so that you don’t send wrong signals at the wrong time. However, if your loved one has a favorite color, by all means, purchase that color, no matter the meaning. This will show that you are paying attention and that you know their favorite rose color.

Lovely in Pink Bouquet

Here are some of the colors that will be available to buy and  here’s what the colors reveal:


1. Red

The no-nonsense color, this rose says it all that you have always wanted to say to your loved one, “I Love You”. No other color expresses these three magical words than the red rose. Red is a symbol of love, it is a symbol of beauty, courage, romantic love, and most importantly, respect to your partner. If you are planning to propose on this Valentine’s Day, do it with red roses.


2. Orange

One of the rare colors that you will find is the orange rose and it expresses passion and the fact that you want your partner in your life. It will be a very sweet gesture if you think that he/she is the person to be in your life. It shows how passionate you are about your partner as the color signifies fascination, passion and desire.


3. White

If you have already passed the proposing stage and want to let your partner know that you are the one that should be in their life, then white should be the color for this Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes true love and innocence. It also signifies charm and humility, something that every partner wants in a relationship.


4. Yellow

Those who are still in the stage where it is not yet time to propose or express their love, it will be better to go for the yellow rose. This is the safest when it comes to hinting your emotions for your partner but not saying anything out loud. Yellow roses signify that you are good friends and you will always care for that special person. It is a symbol of joy, friendship, and also to new beginnings. So, don’t write anything off just yet.


5. Pink

The “thank you” color of all the roses is pink. It is perfect for someone whom you dearly consider as a close friend. It has nothing to do with romantic love. It just reveals that you admire the person and grateful for them being in your life. There’s nothing more important than that.

Now that you know about the meanings of different types of roses, it will be easier to find the right one for the person you are going to gift this Valentine’s Day. Make sure your heart is in the right place while you make the right choice!

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The Best Flowers for Your Zodiac Sign

Astrological signs reveal much about a person’s traits and personalities. They also help determine most people’s general likes and dislikes. Flowers are wonderful gifts to complement someone’s personality. Here are the best flowers for your zodiac sign based on recommendations from Fiesta Flowers.


Signifying the beginning, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is best represented by flowers associated with rebirth. The Honeysuckle and Thistle are the Aries’ birth flowers. Other flowers suited for this sign include Tulips, Amaryllis, and red Roses.


The Taurus sign represents strength and compassion, and because of that, its birth flower is the Poppy, which is a firmly-grounded flower. Foxglove, Daffodil, and Ranunculus also represent Taurus personalities well.


Geminis are energetic by nature and social butterflies. The striking beauty of Lavender represents Gemini’s exuberant personality best. Daffodils and Winter Cherries also make a very eye-catching arrangement.


Cancerians are known to be very emotional, imaginative, and loving. Delicate by nature, the Cancer sign is represented perfectly by white Roses. Similarly subtle but adorable flowers like Irises and Passionflowers also represent Cancerians well.


The only sign more outgoing than Gemini is Leo. People with the Leo sign are highly social and like to spread happiness in social gatherings. This is why the Sunflower is the perfect representation for Leos.


Reserved gems, Virgos are outwardly shy but getting to know them will show their fun-loving personality. Buttercups are equally unassuming but up close, they are lovely and have a delicate charm about them.


The Libra sign is all about balance, which is why people born under this sign have a passion for justice. The classic Rose symbolizes this passion very well. It’s also, on its own, a symbol of peace and love, which Libra people naturally thrive in.


The personality of Scorpio is varying and difficult to predict. The unexpected sides of a person born under the Scorpio sign remind one of the surprising details of Geranium petals, which are these best flowers for Scorpions.


Sagittarius people are known for loving romance and love itself. It’s only suitable that they match with a popular wedding flower, such as the Carnation, which symbolizes strength and beauty.


Capricorn personalities get better and are more enjoyable to be with the longer the relationship grows. They are hardworking and love the fruits of labor. Pansies are perfect for showing this tenacity.


Shy at first but incredibly energetic once befriended, Aquarians make great friends, and their eccentricity is best matched with the Orchid.


Traditionally portrayed by two fish for their whimsical and gentle personality, the Pisces sign symbolizes affection. Water Lilies, being a water symbol, represent Pisceans and their personality well. They are elegant and unique.

If you’re unsure of the right combinations for a perfect zodiac bouquet, there’s no harm in asking shops like Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts for suggestions. Fiesta Flowers will provide a choice of combinations to create the perfect gift for your loved one based on their zodiac sign.

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The Language of Flowers: What Do Flowers Mean?

The symbolism behind gifting flowers has been a part of history longer than most people are aware of. It’s evident in mythologies, sonnets, and folktales.

There’s more to the language of flowers; what flowers mean is only as significant as the message the sender is trying to say. According to Fiesta Flowers, here are some of the most frequently gifted flowers today and what they mean.


Orchids are associated with sexuality and fertility. Their exotic beauty is sought in every continent, but Orchids were more commonly used as aphrodisiacs in ancient Greece and China. They have always been linked with elegance and femininity in the language of flowers.


A symbol of beauty and pride, Carnations express adoration and fascination for a woman’s capriciousness. The name itself is believed to have been derived from the word coronation or corone. In ancient Greece, Carnations were among the flowers used to create garlands for ceremonial crowns. They deliver this celebratory and honoring message perfectly to mothers and/or wives.


No other flower symbolizes purity best than a Lily. Its meaning remains consistent throughout every religion and history. In ancient Greece, the Lily was highly revered and believed to have been created from the milk of Hera, goddess of womanhood and wife of Zeus. In Roman legend, it was such a pure flower that even the goddess of love herself, Venus, envied its beauty. In every religion, the Lily is associated with chastity, innocence, and tranquility. Gift Lilies to women expecting a child or brides-to-be to signify beauty in new beginnings.


This is a flower that says, “My love is perfect.” It is not intensely shaded, exotic, or romantic, but it is also not too small, bright, or unassuming. A tulip represents a kind of balance in adoration, making it the right flower for telling someone they are perfect for you.


By far the most popular flower, Roses can be found everywhere — as a cake decorative, in weddings, and as a boutonniere, but above all, they are an offering in courtship. However, it’s not confined to romantic purposes. It can also mean respect or even sorrow, depending on the color. Roses signify a timeless portrayal of deep affection. Here are some types of Roses and their meanings:

White Roses – Symbolizing new beginnings, white Roses are traditionally associated with brides, but ironically, they are also used in funerals/burials. They are affiliated with not just purity and spirituality but also memory.

Red Roses – The deeper the color, the more intense the emotions they convey. Red roses speak of deep admiration, affection, and desire. They are a timeless way of saying “I love you.”

Yellow Roses – Yellow symbolizes joy and expresses happiness for the company of someone in a non-romantic way. A bouquet of yellow Roses serves as a traditional friendship flower.

Lavender Roses – The striking color of lavender Roses best expresses immediate attraction. A wonderful alternative to red Roses to express romantic feelings, lavender Roses are known for expressing love at first sight.

Every flower’s meaning changes slightly, depending on the color. Yellow often represents joy and friendship while darker hues like crimson and purple signify deeper attraction and romance. These vary slightly but remain close in meaning in the language of love. If you’re unsure what kind of flowers to give your loved one, Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts can guide you in choosing the best flower or bouquet to express your feelings.

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Top DIY Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Is it time for a big wedding?

One of the most underrated parts of a wedding venue is its centerpieces. Yes, these little details may not look like a big deal, but they matter in underlining the wedding’s theme. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to maximize the centerpiece and ensure everything is in place.

For those hoping to go with a budget-friendly solution, it’s time to look at the best DIY centerpieces to consider.

1) Flower and Sand:

This is a beautiful and authentic centerpiece that’s going to scream quality.

In essence, the centerpiece focuses on using a beautiful flower (matching with the overall wedding theme) resting on top of sand. This is going to be placed within a small vase, which often goes well with a beach wedding.


2) Tall Pillar Candles:

Candles are always a refined option and can become a great centerpiece for weddings.

The idea is to use tall pillar candles surrounded by beautiful blooms to build a well-rounded design that is cost-effective.


3) Baskets of Roses:

There is nothing more charming and mesmerizing than a basket full of Roses. With a centered style, you are able to make a high-grade DIY wedding element with nothing more than beautifully selected Roses and a small basket.

Place the basket as the centerpiece and have those roses flowing out looking elegant!


4) Candleholders:

In the modern age, there is a sense of elegance attached to candleholders, so you will want to use them for the big day. In this case, the candleholder isn’t going to hold a candle! It’s going to hold a small stem.

This will look in line with the theme and be unique at the same time.


5) Tinted Glass and Flowers:

Grab a tinted glass bottle, clean it out, and make sure to put in a beautiful set of flowers. This is going to look immaculate and will be the talk of the day. Sometimes, it’s the little things that add up, which is why tinted glass is such a breathtaking option to have up your sleeve.

This is going to be a fascinating addition that will look great at all times, whether it’s in the middle of the afternoon or later in the evening.


6) Rustic Vases:

This is going to be a different one as you will not be using glass-based materials.

Instead, you are going to be utilizing a rustic vase (your choice) and filling it with blooming flowers. The idea is to have something that is balanced between innovative and traditional. This does a little bit of both!


7) Metal Cans with Lace:

Grab a metal can and tie a theme-based lace around the middle. Do this properly and make sure all metal cans look the same in size.

These metal cans are going to hold blooms, which will help the overall aesthetic.

These are the best DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget, and they will offer tremendous versatility, quality, and efficiency for those who want a high-grade option.

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How to Pick a Color Scheme while Decorating with Flowers

Whether you’re decorating flowers for an event or for your home, you’ll need to pick the right color scheme. Fiesta Flowers can help you pick the right color scheme for any occasion.


1. Be familiar with the color wheel

You’re most likely familiar with the color wheel, which is made up of basic hues or colors. The wheel represents the relationships between the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

To give you a quick review, the primary colors are red, green, and blue. Secondary colors are composed of yellow, magenta and cyan. Tertiary colors are red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet.

The color wheel can help you establish your design process.

If you’re planning for a vibrant look, use complementary colors. Choose colors that appear across each other on the wheel. For example, red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple. When placed side by side, complementary colors intensify each other’s color.

For a romantic or comforting decoration, go for analogous colors. These are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. You may opt for greens (blue-green, green, yellow green) or reds (red-orange, red, red-violet).

You can also try triadic colors. These are the three colors that are of equal distance from one another on the color wheel. Examples of these are yellow, red and blue or green, orange and violet.

Remember to consider the colors of every part of the flower that you’ll use. The color wheel is about creating balance and harmony. You should even consider the colors of the vase you’ll use.


2. Do some color psychology.

Colors have mental and emotional effects on people. When doing a floral arrangement, consider the overall mood of the place. How do you want your guests to feel when they walk into the room? Do you want them to feel passionate? Lively? Solemn?

Here are some basic ideas about color psychology. Colors fall under two main categories – warm or cool.

Warm colors cause the feeling of warmth. Examples of warm colors are red, orange, and yellow.



The color red stimulates feelings of passion. A red Rose or Lily symbolizes strong feelings of attraction towards someone.


Orange represents vibrancy, energy, joy, and happiness. Marigold, for example, symbolizes a cheery disposition.


Yellow flowers symbolize a positive outlook, good health and respect. A good example for this is the Sunflower, which signifies friendship and happiness.

Cool colors help make you calm and inspire you to be creative. The colors blue, green, and purple represent the cool colors.


This color symbolizes freshness, good fortune, liveliness and renewal. Succulents symbolize timeless love. They’re perfect for weddings and anniversaries.


The color blue represents loyalty, trust, calmness and support. The Iris, blue Delphinium, and Morning Glory are the perfect flowers to represent these feelings.


This color signifies creativity, power and luxury. You may use flowers such as Tulips, Orchids or Lilac.


3. Find out which flowers are in bloom for that season.

Check if the flowers or the colors you’re pining for are in season or are naturally available. It would help if you’re only more specific about the colors than the type of flowers. The colors are generally more important to the design outcome than the type of flowers included in the arrangement.


4. Get help

If you have non-conventional color combinations, you may ask for help from our professional florists. We will let you know if the colors you choose will work or will look odd. Get in touch with Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts in Tempe today.

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Flowers That Send a Romantic Message

Giving of flowers dates back to the Middle Ages. Flowers have been used to express love, apology, or adoration. During the Victorian era, people gave meaning to every feature of a flower. They used the flower, its arrangement, and even how it was given to communicate how they feel.

Here’s a list of flowers that send a romantic message:

Amaryllis – There are about 500 different types of Amaryllis flowers. A red Amaryllis stands for pride, boldness and radiance. It also symbolizes splendid beauty.

Anemone – There are white, red and pink Anemone flowers. White Anemone flowers express sincerity.

Asters – Aster means star in Greek. Aster flowers are available in white, pink, red, purple, lavender, and blue colors. The purple Asters with the yellow centers depict love and endurance. Asters also represent patience and elegance.

Calla Lily – Its white color symbolizes beauty, magnificence, and purity.

Carnation – Carnation comes in white, red, yellow, pink and scarlet colors. Red carnation symbolizes love and adoration. White Carnations represent love and good fortune.

Chrysanthemum – White Chrysanthemum represents positivity and happiness. You can also give red Chrysanthemum to express love and attraction.

Cornflower – Good fortune and friendship are just some of the words that represent this flower. The Cornflower comes in blue, white, and pink colors.

Daffodil – Add Daffodils to your romantic bouquet to express happiness, courage and devotion.

Dahlia – Wondering how to express your commitment to someone? Give him or her a Dahlia, which symbolizes a lifetime bond.

Daisy – Daisies embody love, beauty and purity.

Gardenia – White and fragrant, this flower represents purity and love.

Hydrangea – Hydrangea means water vessel in Greek. The flower symbolizes heartfelt emotions. Hydrangea also comes in various colors – white, blue, red, pink, and purple.

Iris – Purple Iris represents faith, courage, prudence, and promise. If you’d like to express passion, you can go for a yellow Iris.

Lilac – Purple Lilac is the perfect flower to offer if you’ve had a “love-at-first-sight” experience with someone.

Lily – Red Lily depicts passion. It is also known to symbolize truth, majesty, and honor.

Orchids- Pink Orchids symbolize love, wealth, beauty, and courage.

Peonies – Peonies come in red, white, pink or rose. They’re known to symbolize wealth and honor. Pink Peonies represent romance and good fortune.

Rose – Because of its fiery color, the red Rose symbolizes romance, love, appreciation, and passion. If you’d like to express admiration towards someone, you can use a pink Rose.

Stock flowers – White stocks represent a happy life. They’re a good addition to your bouquet and they’re fragrant too.

Sunflower – Because of its yellow color, Sunflower is known to express joy, admiration and long life. It’s also known to symbolize loyalty. This is observed in how the head of the Sunflower follows the sun’s movement across the sky.

Tulip – Red Tulips depict love while white Tulips represent forgiveness. If you’d like to spread happy thoughts, give some yellow Tulips to your special someone.

If you need help in finding flowers that send a romantic message, contact Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts at https://fiestaflowersaz.com. Fiesta Flowers has the flowers you need for any occasion.

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A Guide to Flowers in Art

Flowers depict beauty and aesthetics. People continue to be attracted to them because they come in various colors, shapes, sizes and wonderful smells. They’re used in various celebrations and have been a vital part of culture and tradition.

This is why a lot of artists continue to take inspiration from flowers. Artists have captured the meaning behind each flower. Through art, a single flower could mean different things – life or death, simplicity or vanity.

Fiesta flowers offers this guide to the history of flowers in art

Lotus flower

The Lotus flower represents the sun in Ancient Egyptian mythology. It’s often used to symbolize creation. The Lotus flower is used in ceramic arts, amulets and papyrus paintings.

Millefleur Tapestries

The textile or tapestry art in the Middle Ages used floral patterns. They are called Millefleur or “thousand flowers” in French.

Primavera by Botticelli, 1470s

The art features about 190 blooms where the goddess of spring sprinkles flowers on the forest floor.

Bouquet by Brueghel, Jan the Elder, 1603

At first glance, the art shows vibrancy with its colors. But, when you look closer, you’ll notice that some flowers are bent away from the light depicting mortality.

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Sunflowers represent happiness and vitality, although Van Gogh’s painting illustrated the concept of life and death. This was shown in how some of the flowers were upright while the rest seemed like they’re withering away.

Red Canna by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1919

The Red Canna is one of O’Keefffe’s paintings that depicted a close up view of the flower. She hoped to inspire viewers to take things slow.

Water Lilies by Claude Monet, 1920s

Monet’s Water Lilies series is a collection of about 250 oil paintings. They represent his flower garden in Giverny.

Flower Necklace by Alexander Calder, 1938

Calder is popular for creatively using wires to come up with three-dimensional art such as the Flower Necklace.

Bouquet of Peace by Pablo Picasso, 1958

Picassocreated the lithograph for the peace demonstration in Stockholm. Because of its vibrant colors, the work symbolizes a sense of hope.

Flowers by Andy Warhol, 1964

Warhol is known to find beauty in the ugly. He is also known to be fascinated with death and destruction. His Flowers series represents the beauty of colorful flowers against a background of dark disarray.

Flowers by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1980s

Mapplethorpe took simple, undistracted shots of flowers such as Poppies, Calla, Lilies and Tulips in his Flowers collection. He was first known for taking risque photos of nude men in the 70s and 80s.

Puppy by Jeff Koons, 1992

Using steel, soil and flowering plants, Jeff Koons created a 40-foot tall floral monument in the form of a topiary dog.

Field of Smiling Flowers by Takashi Murakami, 2010

Murakami created his own blooms of smiling flowers. He used 12 round petals with a smiley face in the middle. He also painted the smiling flowers beside black skulls to depict how fragile life is.

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